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In 2015 we decided to create some makeup without any chemical and any lead in formula, because makeup is always one of the important product for all woman.

Most of products in the market are not healthy for skin and after consumers use them, they suffer many problems such as skin rash, eye infections, spreading bacteria on the skin or allergic reactions or sensitivity to ingredients. All our makeup products have natural materials with fruit and vegetables. Our products don't use any animal fats but rather we use halal and organic ingredients.

After much research in 2017 we started the revolution in the production of cosmetics without any chemical, animal fat, and any heath harms.

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All makeup use, organic and halal ingredient,without any animal fats or chemicals


Free shipping with purchase of $99.99 and up

Free shipping with purchase of 49.99 in USA

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US beauty product, from fruit, vegetable,and all natural ingredients

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